Less mess more knowledge

Nexus: less paper, more knowledge!

Meet Nexus, watch the video!

Nexus is Nemoris’ semantic software for an easier, automatic archiving of files and data.

Nexus is much more than a digital archive: it interprets your files and extracts their relevant data, creating relations with other information already present in your company’s database. Data can therefore be managed with a remarkable saving of time and with a minimum work by the human user.

Nexus can elaborate textual files of every format, e-mails and web pages, but also images and audio files with relevant metadata. Searching is made easier and faster, since you can have an immediate retrieval from all the files in your database just inserting a lexical key.

Searching through digital archives can be a difficult, time-wasting job, because of the complexity of algorithms, information being scattered and data having various origins. Nemoris brings a solution to these issues, providing a customizable, efficient and easy-to-use tool to improve file management.  


Using semantic web techniques, Nexus allows you to

  • organize knowledge in conceptual spaces (“Ontologies”), where data are linked according to their meaning and the relation between the different concepts which are relative to the application domain.
  • check the lack of information and extract a new knowledge from existing data
  • replace key-based search with complex query-based ones, using tools that allow to recover information and show it in an immediately intelligible way.


Being adaptable to any domain thanks to specialized Ontologies, which can be further integrated and linked with old and new ones, Nexus is an extremely flexible tool, that can be customized according to different customers’ needs.