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New partnership: Omnia Solutions

New partnership: Omnia Solutions

By on Apr 2, 2014 in Blog, Events

Today you can finally integrate Nemoris semantic engine Nexus inside OpenERP.

Integrating Nemoris automatic archiving of documents in OpenERP allows the management of text files – such as legal contracts and documents, but also manuals and CVs from various origins – without asking the user to add information at the time of archiving. The gain in resources saving and process management is huge. Moreover the addition of semantic feature to the search process allows finding out the useful documents immediately without needing to browse through the midst of a great number of files in order to select them.

Since 2010 OmniaSolutions has been a Ready Partner of OpenERP and is able to offer interesting custom solutions and support on ERP platforms. OmniaSolutions has been next to its customers for finding innovative solutions for the saving of resources that can become an economic benefit for the end users. It unites a pragmatic approach to the continuous search of efficient and high level tools such as Nexus engine so as to offer complete services and advantage to its clients.

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