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Opus: recruitment simplified!

Opus: recruitment simplified!

By on May 9, 2014 in Blog, Highlights

Every day companies receive hundreds of résumés, CVs and applications from different sources: directly from candidates or from recruiting sites or agencies, in some cases interesting profiles, but not always relevant to the open job position.

How can this process be improved and simplified?

Opus is a software designed to archive CVs and provide search tools to find and recruit the most valuable candidates.

Opus classifies automatically the professional profiles, without any recruiter in HR having to lift a finger, and assigns a rating which is based on the contents, to simplify the search of the right application.

Opus really simplifies the recruiting process and HR management.

The files don’t need to have a predefined format: Opus analyses the text semantics to extrapolate important information and avoid overlooking any interesting candidate.

For example, if the address of the candidate is considered important, Opus can isolate this piece of information, transform it into geospatial coordinates and allow to search for candidates within a specific radius.

Opus can also extract information from the curriculum vitae skills, academic titles, known languages and other abilities, and filter results using these criteria.

Profile search is broadened into semantic areas to single out similar profiles even if the chosen keywords are not matching actual words in the document.

Even if your company is looking for candidates with very uncommon and specific profiles, it is very easy to train and customize Opus to become extremely accurate in the specific field of interest.

Opus is already available for résumés and CVs in English and Italian but can be translated into other languages on demand.

With Opus current researches can be saved and updated incrementally with every brand new CV the company receives.

Opus helps  human recruiters to identify more efficiently the right candidates and fill out open positions.

All on your desktop or in your company intranet.

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