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Semantics for all

Semantics for all

At Nemoris we specialize in developing software based on natural language processing and semantic search. We implement our products to automatize document classification and find them in the easiest way, and customize them according to our customers’ different needs, to ensure the best results in archiving and managing files.



A semantic-based search engine allows to archive of digital files and to have an immediate result when searching. This brings a saving of time and work up to 90% in document management, regardless of which domain the software is applied to.



The perfect fit of semantic technologies depends on the context. Nemoris customizes the semantic ontologies for every client to reach the best results.

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Nemoris is an innovative start-up that specializes in the development of natural language processing applications and the customization of software for semantic archiving.

At Nemoris, we create high level IT products which answer the specific needs of our customers and do not burden them with irrelevant features. We aim at bringing an innovation to the informatic process, focusing on automatism and time and resources saving.

Nemoris develops Nexus, a web service for automatic archiving and semantic search of text files. Nexus understands digital documents and allows to retrieve them by concepts and categories.
Nexus can be customized in various fields, depending on different clients’ needs. Nemoris itself develops customized products based on Nexus, for example Opus, the fastest and simplest software for recruitment. Opus acquires automatically candidates’ professional profiles and let you search them by skills, languages, study and locations. With Opus, companies can save over 60% of their recruitment process time!

Nemoris is the genitive case of the Latin word Nemus which means Forest. So Nemoris is the “forest” company. We can give various meanings to our metaphor:

Forests can be tangled places and we would like to help those using our software to get out of them by simplifying their work, their archive and the management of their documents.

Our software helps the transfer of paper archives, so that cataloguing them becomes automatic. It also helps reducing the use of paper. Less paper, more forests. And the Earth is grateful.

We aim to be a green company. We want our software to be used with the minor possible impact on the environment by reducing the waste of resources and transfers. This can be achieved by working mainly on line even if that means showing a less corporate image.


When I was recruiting technical IT profiles Opus helped me to isolate the CVs with the right skills. I truly believe that Opus is a fantastic tool for recruiters which have to manage a big number of CVs in a short time, finding the right candidate in a short time.

Claudio Malossi Claudio Malossi